The Personality of Success

Certain personality traits have been linked to a greater likelihood of success. This is independent of predispositions or “being talented”. In this three-part series I will try to offer help in developing three traits that are often acknowledged as influencing the likelihood of success.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Burned Out? Try Capacity Planning.

Capacity planning is something that we could and should do with our own personal resources.

A Psychologist’s Approach to Time Management

Used correctly to-do lists can be powerful tool to help you to achieve your goals. So what should you keep in mind when using them?

Time Management Tools and Strategies of a Psychologist

Many report problems with time management. Usually people become aware of their time management issues when they feel overwhelmed, have to rush and end up with results that are less satisfactory. In this article I will discuss how I use my calendar for time management and some of the strategies I apply to keep on top of my varying tasks.

Sleeping Issues in Advanced Age

leeping issues in advanced age are common. Indeed, these problems are so common that many are convinced that older people do not need as much sleep as younger individuals. This however is not true.

Have You Heard of this Relaxation Technique?

PMR works even if you have tried and struggled with meditation. Other than many other mindfulness-based relaxation techniques, it does not require you to focus only on your breathing.

Use SMART Goals in every Area of your Life

When you first start applying SMART goals you might find it a little difficult, but you will soon get used to the procedure and making sure the goal fits the criteria will become easier over time.

6 Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Most of our day-to-day work interactions have moved from in-person encounters to online meetings, calls and chats. Theoretically, this sounds very convenient, and to a certain extend it is. We don’t have to change out of our piyama pants anymore (although it is recommended) to chat with colleagues about work, or even leave the house to attend a session with our therapist.

Say Bye to Giving Feedback Badly and Hello to Radical Candor!

Mentioning a negative piece of feedback between two positive ones is something that many of us are taught when we learn about good feedback rules. Do you know what this style of feedback is also known as? As a sh**-sandwich.

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